Section Name

Lambs Fry & Bacon

on a bed of mashed potato, topped with onion gravy, served with salad

$ 12.90

Tuna Patties

with salad and chips

$ 12.90

Sea Salt and Pepper Squid

with lime aioli, salad & chips

$ 12.90

Whiting (GFO)

grilled, battered or crumbed, with lime aioli, salad and chips

$ 12.90

150g Schnitzel - Beef or Chicken

served with salad and chips and your choice of gravy

$ 12.90

Bangers & Mash

with hearty vegetables, creamy mash, grilled onions and gravy

$ 12.90

Beef Lasagne

minced beef with ricotta cheese, napolitano sauce, served with chips and salad

$ 12.90

Warm Chicken Salad

with cucumber, mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes and red onion

$ 12.90